Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stressy Poos

So now you know what happens when you don't poo for three days in a row because you're too busy and stressed out studying for exams. It was the sort of thing where I'd feel like I had to poo but there'd be nothing but gas in the morning. Then I'd feel like I had to poo while at school but I had to write an exam, etc.

So yesterday I poo'd twice. The first was a decent crap that started out fairly firm and robust but finished kind of sloppy. I should have known what that was foreshadowing.

A couple hours later I had another poo. This one was soupy and disgusting. It wasn't the worst soupy poo of my life but it was rather unpleasant and as you can see: Frothy.

The exams went pretty well. I have one more this morning and I feel quite prepared for it. Wish me luck!

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