Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Last Poo of an Era

This is to be the last poo I made in this house. I am moving tomorrow. I've been moving house steadily over the past two weeks and have made many poos, but today was my last exam and all I have left in my bedroom here in Little Italy is my bed, a dresser and a bookshelf. I've even moved my desk and the last bulky hangers on this morning.

Zipcar has been extremely good for my move. I've used their cars to move a lot of my crap over to my brother's place where I'll be living soon. This has been ideal because I really hate making multiple trips in a move and the marathon kinds of moves that drag out over an entire day. First I rented a Honda Fit which had a MADD sticker on it as sponsorship, which made it very affordable indeed. Then I got a Honda Element which was spacious but small so I wasn't uncomfortable driving it. I guess it has added up to a reasonably large sum of money, but it worked out the way I wanted it to so I'm pretty happy.

On saturday my dad is coming with his truck and we're going to move my bed and other large items over to my parent's house for some long term storage.

Anyway, so this is a pretty good last shit I'd say. Although I don't like it much when it's in the water the same time that it's in my asshole and then it flops forward as it breaks. Sometimes I think I can feel it brush through my pubic hairs (they're getting a little long)

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