Monday, March 2, 2009

So thick!

Well, not that thick. I've seen thicker shits (specifically from my girlfriend, guh), but this is thick for me, especially recently.

My girlfriend thinks my diet is poor. All I can think of is the addition of large amounts of coffee into my daily nutrition. I guess that could do it. But we're not just talking about my poos. I feel like my whole life has been suffering in the same manner as my craps. I don't feel good, or strong, or important at all anymore. I don't exactly feel depressed, or I haven't until the last couple of days, but in the last few months I've just felt useless.

In my group at school somehow I get by without doing much of anything because I always have insightful comments and whatnot. Now that it's time to create some content I'm at a loss. My grades haven't suffered though. I just got a paper back with an A- and I didn't put much effort into it.

I love my girlfriend and she loves me and that's all going great, but otherwise personally I feel like a total failure. I live with my brother, I haven't worked a job for money in two years. etc, etc. This is the kind of stuff I used to write about in my regular journal. I shouldn't subject you fine folks to this. I just thought there was a reasonable corelation between my poos and my moods. Now that the poos look better, maybe I'll get better?

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