Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Ball of Shit

So this is a new one. A ball of shit.

Not sure how it happened, but I think the little shits all piled onto each other and were sticky enough to cling to eachother and as it became off balanced it rolled, floating in the water, resulting in equal coverage on each side.

Wow, really makes you want to vomit eh?

Plus it throws my whole theory about my shits being on the rebound right out the window... or does it add a degree of poetry to the discussion?



This was the result of morning coffee preceding the morning shit. Lovely.

I told off a lazy coworker today (via email, so it hardly counts) and she responded by saying, "You want me to feel bad but I don't because blah blah blah, you've taught me a valuable lesson about people" or something.  She totally full of shit. Probably doesn't even look at her poos.

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