Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Camera :(

I was out taking some pictures for work with my girlfriend's camera. I was on my bike. I had a backpack, but you know, it was on my back. I had a bunch of different places to go to to take pictures so I shoved the camera into my coat pocket. This was on a wednesday.

On monday I realized I had no idea where my girlfriend's camera was and as I traced back through my memory I realized the last time I touched the thing was on the previous wednesday. I guess it fell out at some point!

So I called the restaurant my girlfriend and I went to for dinner, hoping that it had fallen out when I tossed my coat into the seat. Then I went to the location of the meeting we went to later. Then I called the comic store I browsed at earlier in the day, and the record store I went to after that. Nothing.

I didn't tell the girlfriend at first. I didn't think she'd be angry, just disappointed, so I found a similar camera for sale on craigslist and bought it. When I told the girlfriend she was upset, and then she was mad that I'd bought her a new one. I didn't think she'd like the new one but I thought she'd at least accept it. She wouldn't. So now it's mine.

Lucky you!

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