Monday, April 20, 2009

Not more than a stain

I had some rather unpleasant toilet experiences today. Not sure what the deal was, but it worked itself out.

Earlier in the day, before this one, I was at school after an exam and I was drinking coffee. I felt like I would probably have to poo at some point, but there wasn't anything urgent about it.

I made a phone call and before I went back into the computer lab it hit me.

Unfortunately someone else decided they needed to pee right after and for some reason I went into the common bathroom rather than the private accessibility bathroom. So stupid. So I sat and had trouble preventing myself from farting these horrible spluttering farts, and i didn't know who the other guy was. It easily could have been a friend of mine who I would rather did not hear me shit these horrible little spluttering shits. It was horrible.

In the end the other fellow left and I squeeze what I could out of my body but it still wasn't anything.

When I came home to my girlfriend's place I sat down to poo for real and there was already a little toilet paper in there. Good thing otherwise there wouldn't be a photo here would there? Good thing for you eh?!

So all that came out was a horrible spattering of shit goo. Fucking gross. This is seriously one of the only genuinely disgusting photos on this blog if you ask me.


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