Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nice and easy beer shit

This poo started off with a single long cable, but after that things got pretty soft and yucky. After the exam yesterday I had a roast beef sandwich from home for lunch but didn't really eat anything else for the rest of the afternoon.

My friend was having a bbq at his house in the east end, but it wasn't until dinner time and I had nothing to do so I just headed out on my bike and rode out to the beaches for the afternoon. Ate a snickers and drank a can of coke.

At the bbq my friend made some amazing burgers and I had four beers (two of which were kind of big) so I was fairly drunky by the time I left. I slept really well, but a little too long this morning. So this was my morning beer shit even through it wasn't until almost 2. But as a beer shit it wasn't too bad. Slid out easy, which isn't always nice, but it was all right.

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