Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A rock slide

My stomach has been rumbling a lot lately. It doesn't make me feel sick, or like I'm gonna shit any second, but it's uncomfortable and very noisy.

My best guess about it is that I drink too much coffee and don't eat enough in general. My stomach feels empty most of the time. I still ride my bike very frequently despite living about 6 km from school. So I bike about 12km a day, which I imagine would burn a lot of calories? So maybe I'm burning more than I'm taking in? Haven't weighed myself though.

So my poos, as a result of this, can be fairly unpredictable, wimpy and unimpressive. Wimpy in the sense that they're sometimes way too soft and come out looking like ribbons of shit. Not nice. So i have to cut back on the coffee.

This morning I was thinking: What's worse, coffee shits, coke shits or beer shits. But that was stupid of me, beer shits are clearly the worst. They stink the worst and they feel the worst. But they usually only come about in the morning so they're predictable at least.

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